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Pro Safety Inc. has the programs, methods, and people provide you with the safety support you need during crucial turnaround and shutdown periods. Pro Safety Inc. has experience you can trust. We’ve developed a menu of proven turnaround services that can improve safety, decrease start-up and turnaround periods and lower costs at any plant location. Our expert turnaround services include:

  •  Pre-job Planning let us meet with your project planners to help determine what equipment is needed on site to minimize down time. 

  • From calculating breathing air requirements to suggesting PPE inventory we can help eliminate the guesswork * Rental equipment for respiratory protection, gas detection, personal protection, confined space entry, fall protection, turnaround trailers * Grade D breathing air services 

  • Trained onsite technicians to support maintenance, cleaning, calibration, and tracking of equipment 

  • Safety supplies (PPE) 

  • Respiratory fit testing 

  • Archived database of activity, cost and equipment

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By using Pro Safety Inc.’s professional services during your turnarounds, you can improve safety compliance, quality control and accountability; have 24/7 access to equipment and trained personnel; achieve maximum asset utilization; reduce initial investment; and reduce administrative burden. 


If you would like more information or to request a quote, please contact us.

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