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Meet The Team


Kailey Elliott

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West Coast Account Manager

Office: 562.364.7450

Cell: 951.225.5098

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Catherina Zember

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Office: 562.364.7452
Cell: 323.559.6867

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Kenny Thurston

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West Coast Regional Manager

Office: 562.364.7450

Cell: 281.673.7848


Our team at Pro Safety has three things we hold as the most important aspects of who we are. Number one being the safety of all employee’s, that is why we choose the industry and have made a conscience effort to create solutions to help with this ideal. Number two is the customer, we strive to make the customer’s needs and satisfaction the most important part of our day to day business. We are customer focused, nothing is ever “too small”, nothing is ever “too late” or “we are closed and can’t help”. Our billing is timely and accurate and we will make the time for you! The third aspect is our employee’s, we believe we have the best in the industry, they are from all aspects of life, but have the training and the attitude that matches our vision and values.

Giving Back
We Take Training seriousl

ProSafety Rescue Team mock rescue training presentation at a refinery. We spend countless hours training and refining our skills so we will be ready for any type of rescue. Only hiring the best and highly trained to be part of our team. You can be at ease knowing Prosafetyinc is there to be ready for any situation. 

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