Rental Equipment

Numerous industries require specialized equipment to ensure their safe operation. While some of this equipment should always be onsite, much of it can be used on a rental basis. However, many companies fail to recognize the benefits of renting over owning, which can create issues with cash flow and other aspects of running the business. Before you make the decision to buy the safety equipment you may need at some point in the future, consider why it may be better to rent instead.

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Delivery Truck


AV3000 Scott Respirator


3 in 1 Winch


High Pressure Setup

32 Bottle Trailer


2 bottle Cart


30 min SCBA w/AV300 Scott Respirator


Fall Tech Harness


5 Min Escape Pack


Tri Pods


Having the right equipment is essential to avoid inefficiencies because you used the wrong size or type. Incorrect equipment can lead to higher repair costs as well. Safety rental equipment means you will always have the right tools for the job.
When you rent equipment, it includes the cost of maintenance. You won’t have to find a repair shop, keep spare parts on hand or hire mechanics to do the job. The rental company keeps track of required maintenance and handles it all for you.
All equipment gets outdated. If you are working with older equipment, it will take longer to complete a job, increasing the wages and repair costs. Rental companies will provide the latest equipment so you can work more efficiently.

Equipment rentals costs may be able to be billed back to your client.